We Take Pride In Our Custom Fabrication Projects

Well Made Manufacturing is here to help bring your vision to actuality and we can fabricate, repair and modify just about anything for you, whether residential or commercial we are here for you.

Our expert engineers will provide assistance with design ideas, visual design concepts, and can help provide solutions to a difficult design, thus ensuring the most satisfactory result. Our staff uses the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software in computer technology to accomplish the most intricate and complex designs you may have in mind.

When you enter Well Made Manufacturing’s office you are always welcomed by our friendly receptionist and staff who will put you in touch with the right person for your job.

Once you sit down with one of our knowledgeable staff members your questions will be answered and the creative process can begin. One of our engineers will then begin the composition of your specifications and combine them into a CAD program. After this is completed your program is installed in our CNC Plasma table system. This is where your design components are immaculately cut. Whether your project requires aluminum, stainless, carbon steel, or titanium materials, Well Made Manufacturing always sources American made materials. Utilizing our automatized cutting technology, we are able to achieve a desired higher quality cut that is unparalleled in the metal fabricating industry.

We Rely Only on the Best

A fabrication workshop is not like your typical office setting; it is a rough atmosphere with heavy-duty equipment that can withstand its environment. This is why we only use an industry leading CNC Plasma table with outstanding table assembly and cutting systems. We know the equipment we operate are the most durable, withstanding the environment and unique projects for which it is utilized. And we rely only on the best, and that is why we are able to give you the best.

Our very talented welders always inspect the cut materials to ensure its excellence before prepping and beginning the welding process to fuse all parts together. During each step of the process, our staff is offering you the best quality assurance, giving you the results you want and deserve by using the appropriate form of welding, whether it be ARC, MIG and TIG welding, for the type of material being used.

We Create Projects of All Shapes & Sizes

With a 17,740-square-foot industrial property and limitless equipment we can create projects of all shapes and sizes. Metal fabrication machinery like our 4-Roll Double Pinch Rolls, Hydraulic Tube and Pipe Benders, Hydraulic Metal Press Brakes and CNC Cutters allow us to speed up production and complete the project faster. And moreover, our proficient staff can cut manually or use programmable precisions allowing us to tackle unusually shaped applications; make enclosed triangles, boxes and bend metal to almost any depth; and finish off any repair, modification or custom fabrication with our in-house and cost-effective powder coating.

Once your project is completed, Well Made Manufacturing’s staff will notify you to schedule pick up or go over delivery options; and upon special request, we also have the ability to subcontract for installation of certain items.

Our goal is to provide all our customers with pristine cuts, optimize precision, smooth finishes and great customer services at a competitive price.

The Well Made Difference