Twister Alley F1™

Well Made Manufacturing is proud to bring you the Twister Alley F1™ Sweeper.

Our custom built sweeper is made with both the technician and business owner in mind. It provides the safest and the highest quality performance all while saving you time and money. The Twister Alley F1™ stands apart from other industry sweeper trucks with its huge capabilities, for the right price.

Our sweepers are built with the highest grade American made steel and craftsmanship. Each truck is built from an operator’s mindset for functionality and durability. Giving you a product that will outlast the rest.

American Built to Last

Each Twister Alley F1™ comes standard with industrial grade powder coating, a 3 Cubic Yard Hopper, Interchangeable Non-clogging screens, on a new Dodge Ram Promaster cab and chassis that will provide outstanding fuel efficiency. You will experience industry-leading 30” inside turning radius with great agility and maneuverability. Allowing you to sweep the toughest of lots, garages, and properties. Standard LED lighting provides better visibility while an automatic sweeper head that lifts in reverse will provide a safer experience.

All this and so much more, including CURB BROOMS FOR LIFE will empower you to get the job done right the first time.

Setting the Industry Standard

You will be delighted with your choice in Well Made Manufacturing’s Twister Alley F1™ because we understand the sweeping industry. That’s why our sweeper trucks are armed not only with the equipment you need to provide stellar results, but they are placed in easily accessible locations for ease of use. Things happen out in the field and we understand, that’s why our sweeper was built to allow for easy maintenance accessibility, as well as repairs and parts replacement. Other sweeper truck companies’ prices do not accommodate without breaking the bank, making it difficult to not only purchase but to maintain their sweepers. With their huge markups on parts and services, it can become costly and be a challenge to continue to maintain your sweeper. We regularly work with vendors directly to get you the best prices available.

With Well Made Manufacturing’s in house mechanics, engineers and welding staff, we can usually have a part or equipment manufactured, replaced, and/or serviced the same day. Getting you back on the road faster!

If you are just getting started or have been in the industry for some time and are looking for a new sweeper, Well Made Manufacturing is here for you. We enjoy providing our customers with a sweeper they can count on and will support you and your business. Our intent is to give the people what they deserve, which is a great sweeper. Well Made Manufacturing’s, Twister Alley F1™ will be that sweeper for you!

Contact us to get started. Our friendly staff is here for you.

Introducing the Twister Alley F1™